Guinness, Harp or Smithwicks?

     . If you would like to try a taste of Harp, Smithwicks or traditional Guinness, just let us know when you arrive.

     You may be served in the Great Room, or in your own room. There is nothing like a "Pub in theTub" . You will love it!

      So, as the British say, "Ta for now". 


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Pub Thyme

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Katie in Pub The Shut the Box Game-Old English Inn Rules
Bobbie Pub Glasses Lord Houghbies Pub
Why is Bobbi in a kilt? Pool Table Too!! Can you beat a Greek at Backgammon?
Pub or Great Room? Where do I have my Guinness?!?! They have had one to many Guinness! He thought the Harp was a little too tinny!

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