The Victorian Christmas Fair and High Tea

      We are so excited and very busy creating this years Victorian Christmas Fair and High Tea.  We open each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, between November 2  and December 20. 

The holiday gift shop will be open from 11am to 5:00 pm  on each Friday, Saturday and Sunday,and the High Tea will be served at 12pm and 3pm each Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Jill has got us all on top of the pool table hanging lights and creating a fantastic rustic Christmas angel out of feathers and pics. Marlene and my mom Ruth are pushing for a wine theme and cousins Lyn, Roxie, Gwen and Carrie are pushing for a bling theme. Hugh and Jeff are giving their suggestion of a football theme. Allison, Brad, Katie and Calvin are rolling their eyes at all of the suggestions.We will figure it out and see you soon. 

So, as the British say,"Ta ta for now".

For resevations call  (707) 263-4317


London Ritz Victorian Christmas High Tea Menu

 Mad Hatter Tea and  a tiny Sticky Toffee Pudding will be our holiday welcome to our guests.


First Tier Finger Sandwiches

Two Cucumber and Dill Triangles 

Two English Egg Salad Triangles  

Beggers Purses filled with fig, pear and fine cheese.

Red pepper and green onion Christmas quiche.

Classic wheat bread and ham.

Second Tier Scones and Cookies

Traditional English Scones served with Devonshire Cream and Strawberry Jam.

Little Lemon Tea Cookie

Traditional Irish Lavendar Cookie

GingerbreadTea Cake

Top Tier Dessert

 Holiday Cranberry and Nut Tarts

Wonderful, traditional  tiny cake.

For reservations call (707)2634317.

Happy Holidays and again, "Happy Holidays!"

Photo Gallery Below---- More under the History of High Tea Button up top.


Victorian Christmas Fair

(click photos to enlarge)

Barbara's Hats Mar Tea Room
Kirsten Cat Reds and Golds
Christmas Piggy Chaulk Board Guests Give Memories!
Nordic Santa Shopping Lakeport English Inn
Lovley Ladies! Our Traditional Tea Tiers  

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